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Looking for therapy done differently? Our resident occupational therapist now has availability.


Not all children work well indoors, and some of us just love horses.

Equine Facilitated Occupational Therapy can bring fun and learning together.


What can we work on?


If there is something you need or want to do, OT’s help you work out the best

way you can achieve these goals.


For Equine Facilitated Therapy, we typically work on areas such as;


  • Emotional self regulation

  • Social Skills

  • Executive functioning

  • Upper limb co-ordination (bi-manual skills)

  • Core strength

  • Anxiety


When combined, the development of these skills can have a positive impact on ones ability to perform their activities of daily living.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What does a session block look like?

Each session will run for an hour. Your first session will be a meet and greet, where we will get to know each other, fill in necessary paperwork and meet the horses so you are comfortable for your first therapy session.


How long do therapy blocks go for?

10 weeks, typically following the school term.


Are you NDIS providers?

We are not currently linking with the NDIS provider program, however if you are self managed you can use your funding with us.


What is the difference between Hippotherapy and Equine Facilitated Therapy?

While in EFT you may occasionally have ridden activities, the function of the horse is to be an active and engage-able partner within your therapy journey rather than a mobility facilitator.


While both forms of therapy can be of great benefit, we find for our targeted areas there is a wider scope of learnings that can occur through handling and engaging with the horse, with just as much fun.


What do I need to bring?


  • Any important documentation to your meet and greet

  • After your meet and greet session, please ensure that you are wearing a hat, enclosed shoes and plenty of sunscreen, as most of our sessions are outdoors.


As we are frequently out with the horses, the contact form below or our email at are the best ways to get in touch.

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Equine facilitated Therapy

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